In Memoriam

Remembering our sweet, fuzzy companions.

Every cat leaves an indelible mark on our lives. Their unique personalities, warm companionship, and memorable quirks forever engrave themselves into our hearts. Our In Memoriam page is a special space dedicated to honoring these feline friends who may no longer be with us, but their memories continue to inspire and comfort us every day. Learn how to submit your own memorial at the bottom of the page.



April 2017

Beloved beautiful sweet Tigger. Eighteen years together. You are missed.



March 2019

Tux was a loving beautiful boy. Our foster for the last 2 years of his life. Our hearts broke when he let us know it was time to say good-bye.



July 2018

My gentle sweet Kenya. You were a wonderful cat for 18 years. We miss you.



October 2018

Sweet little Ethan. You were a crippled, scared kitten when we found you. You grew into a very loving boy with a long life. Thank you for 19 years of your love.



March 2023

Ricky, you brought so much joy into my life and left a hole in my heart when you died. Best dog ever.

We understand how deeply personal these memories are and believe in sharing and celebrating them as a community. This page serves as a collective tribute, a place where the lives of our beloved cats are celebrated, their stories are told, and their memories live on.

If you live in the Bogue Banks area and you have a beloved feline friend that you wish to honor, we invite you to share their photo and a little bit about what made them special to you. Your tribute will serve as a touching memorial for your furry friend and provide comfort to others who are experiencing a similar loss.

To contribute, please send an email with your cat’s name, photo, your town, and your cherished memories to Every cat has a story worth telling, and we look forward to hearing yours.

Please note that by submitting your story and photo, you’re granting us permission to publish them on our In Memoriam page. We respect your privacy and will not share your personal information.

Thank you for sharing your memories and being a part of our community. Together, we can remember and celebrate the lives of our cherished feline friends.