Island Cat Allies

Managing the feral cat population of Bogue Banks, North Carolina.

At Island Cat Allies, we’re dedicated to the compassionate care of Carteret County’s feral and community cats. Founded in 2003 by 3 Emerald Isle residents, our mission is to alleviate suffering and reduce the homeless cat population through our Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program. With thousands of cats altered and countless others adopted into loving homes, we continue to make strides in animal welfare through the support of our community and volunteers. Discover our story and join our cause.


Adopt & Foster

The fastest way to help these cats out of the wilderness is to bring them into a loving home.

Though providing cats for adoption isn’t our primary goal, occasionally we come across a cat that we think could use a some human companionship.

Sometimes we also look for “foster families” to house a furry friend temporarily so they can get used to socializing with humans and other pets before going into a full-time home. If you’d like to read more about this process, please visit the Adoptables page.


If you’d like to support our cause, it would mean the world! We’re always in need of more supplies or running low on something. So we have public wishlists available from Chewy, Walmart, and Amazon that show what we’re looking for right now. You can click the button below to visit our wishlist page

If you’d prefer to give directly, you can also do so at the “donate” section in our footer. Any bit of help to our mission counts, and is much appreciated!


Our In Memoriam page is a special space dedicated to honoring our feline friends, as well as beloved members of the extended ICA family, who may no longer be with us, but their memories continue to inspire and comfort us every day. Also, learn how you can submit your own memorial to be included on the page.